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Based on the readings done in class, Celia Sanchez is a huge key player in the success of the Cuban Revolution and getting Fidel Castro into power. On Wikipedia, everything in the article seems to be relevant to the topic but it does not elaborate much on her role throughout the Cuban Revolution and Post-Revolution. It is very vague and feels like it discredits her from all the work she actually did. A distraction that caught me off guard was the statement of Fidel Castro’s physician, Renee Vallejo, being the other person besides Sanchez that was close to him. It seemed irrelevant to add that since it didn’t seem to have much of a connection to Sanchez only Castro. Most of the article is very factual and eliminates any biases against Sanchez, the Cuban Revolution or the Batista Regime. It shares facts about what she did (briefly). The information is enough to make any assumptions or think that Sanchez made an impact. It stayed pretty much neutral throughout. Much of the viewpoints are underrepresented. Her role throughout the Cuban Revolution needs to be emphasized more and elaborated.

The section about her Early Life, only states where is from, which is great to know about her but what would make the section stronger, would be to add what her life consisted of before she met Castro and got involved in the Revolution.

Some of the citations work, most are from books and the rest are from websites. It’s very limited the information they received from the references since it did not emphasize her role as it should have. Some of the WikiProjects that the article is involved in are WikiProjects Women, WikiProjects Carribean, WikiProjects Military History, WikiProjects Biography/Military/Politics and Government/ and WikiProjects Cuba. All are rated to be of low importance and start class. Which is very surprising since she handled a lot the underground work that carried the Revolution to what it became. But she was a role model many women who wanted to fight for a better future for themselves and their people.

Because of the lack of information on Sanchez, makes it seem that she was not an important key figure or role model. In the Talk section, one person made the assumption that Sanchez was Castro’s lover because of how close they were. Which is very different from what we talk about in class. In our readings, she is distinguished as someone willing to risk everything on the movement and how she worked alongside other women to make this happen. What is appreciated about this article about her is the Legacy section, which shows Castro’s gesture towards Sanchez after her death, to show how much work she put into making Cuba what is it today.

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