Haydée Santamaría Wikipedia Article

The article I have chosen to evaluate is the article on Haydée Santamaría. Santamaría’s article is rated Start Class. There are currently no conversations occurring on the article’s talk page, but the article is part of the WikiProjects for Biography, Articles for creation, Cuba, and Women’s History.

Moreover, when assessing the article’s impartiality, I found that the article is entirely neutral. There are no claims or phrases that appear biased towards any perspectives or opinions. Also, none of the information is outdated and everything in the article is relevant to Santamaría. The beginning of the article provides an appropriate, brief description of Santamaría’s historic importance. Afterward, the article continues by more specifically detailing her early life, revolutionary and post-revolutionary roles, and her death.  However, I feel as if the article could provide even more information on her roles during and after the revolution, considering she was a prominent figure who participated in the revolution through its entirety. In addition, the article is also missing information on Santamaría’s role in the Latin American Solidarity Organization. As a whole, however, the Wikipedia article differs from how we’ve discussed Santamaría in class because it provides more detail about her family, her early life, her role in creating the Casa de las Americas, and her death.

Furthermore, after checking for how reliable the article’s links are, I found that all the links used to source information are functional. Regardless, there is some information in the article that does not corroborate with its sources. For example, while the Wikipedia article makes a claim that Santamaría was a founding member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, the source credited for this information simply states that Santamaría was a member of the party. Additionally, the Wikipedia article introduces another claim that Santamaría repeated the sixth grade 3-4 times due to her appreciation for learning, but the source attributed to this claim only mentions that Santamaría never received an education beyond the sixth grade. Also, the Wikipedia article states that after she tried to become a nurse and work as a teacher, Santamaría traveled to her brother, Abel, in Havana in 1950. However, the source cited for this statement makes no reference to this claim. In addition, the Wikipedia article also mentions that Santamaría died sixth months after Cuban revolutionary Celia Sanchez, but the source referenced for this claim does not explicitly state how long after Sanchez’s death had Santamaría’s death occurred.

Moreover, I found that not every fact in the Wikipedia article includes a reference. However, some information is attributed to an article by Tania Diaz who is a neutral and reliable source because of her extensive work on Cuban affairs. Additionally, some other information is provided from a book by Margaret Randall, a reputable American author. However, Randall notes that she used to maintain a strong personal relationship with Santamaría before her death, meaning there may be some bias in the information Randall presents.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayd%C3%A9e_Santamar%C3%ADa

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