Class Notes 11/13/2019

After announcements, Elle Dykstra presented on their Latin America in the News which concerned Evo Morales stepping down from the presidency in Bolivia. We spent most of the class discussing different perspectives/opinions about how Bolivia’s elections had resulted in voter fraud. It’s debatable whether or not Morales’ election/protest would be considered a coup. Jeanine Anez, the acting president of Bolivia, is currently in the process of making a new election.

  • We continued to discuss about coups and what makes a coup?
    • Military Intervention
    • Outside of the Legal/constit process.

Great Discussions on the LA in the news topic!!

Moved on briefly on the “Maps” we looked at for our HAP. Mapping Militant Groups = how can digital visualizations give a better understanding of these complicated political organizations? (we will talk more about this more in the next class, briefly at the beginning)

We got into our HAP groups and discussed how the “maps” were a bit unclear and confusing, which made us struggle with the research question section of the HAP.

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