2009 Honduran Coup d’etat

It seems, at least to me, that everything in the article is relevant to the topic.  However, because of the way I think, a lot of things that most people would say aren’t related to a topic, I think are.  The majority of the article is neutral, however, I noticed that some parts of the article appeared to be opinionated.  Sometimes, authors would refer to the coup as undiplomatic, even though this idea could be argued.  Also, due to the nature of the event and its modernity, unbiased references are hard to find.  The different viewpoints present seem to be equally represented, however, I feel that there is too much focus on the legality of the ousting as opposed to the aftermath and causes of the coup.  The links to the references seem to work, however, I noticed that some of the references were from sources like Yahoo Ask and opinionated news articles.  When the authors do use biased articles they usually write “According to” or something like that, however, I noticed one particular moment when that wasn’t done.  I think there is some information that is out of date.  When the article talks about the human rights violations and specifically the curfew, it says that the curfew is still ongoing.  However, I’m pretty sure I remember the curfews stopping and the reference is from 2009.  The article is missing the part where Melzelaya “loses” money for the education fund which may be considered conspiracy, but that was the general consensus of the people my family was around.  When looking at the Talk section there is discussion over the addition of a conspiracy about U.S involvement in the coup.  The discussion seems pretty argumentative to me with people being pretty snarky.  The conclusion that seems to be reached is that the conspiracy should be mentioned but in a way that frames it as an event and not speculative.  The article is part of three wikiprojects, Politics, Honduras, and Military History.  It is rated in importance as mid for Politics, high for Honduras, and no importance for Military History.  The quality rating for Politics is B-class, for Honduras it is B-class, and for Military History it is C-class.

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