Wikipedia Article: Federation of Cuban Women

My chosen Wikipedia article is the Federation of Cuban Women. Everything in the article is relevant to the article topic. Some things that distracted me about the article were the lack of description in the picture on the cover page of the article, as well as the lack of resources in the Bibliography section (only three cited sources). The article is neutral and there are not really any claims that appear heavily biased. The article is short yet concise with the presented information, solely outlining and detailing the events that took place surrounding the topic. An underrepresented viewpoint is that of the founder of the organization, Vilma Espín. There is not much information in the article about her except for the fact that she worked closely with Fidel Castro and the man who would eventually become her husband, Raul Castro. All three of the sources are printed books; there are no links. Each fact is referenced from sources in the Bibliography with no bias noted. There is no out of date information; all included information is in accordance with the referenced sources in the Bibliography. There are no conversations happening in the Talk portion of the article. The article was apparently written as a part of WikiProject Cuba, which is currently inactive. Wikipedia discusses this topic in a similar way to which we have talked about it in class. It mentions the primary stated goals of the Federation of Cuban Women, as well as the pioneers of the movement and how it came to fruition.  

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