Cuban Literacy Campaign

While the article does a good job of staying on track, for the most part, aided by its brevity, there are certain aspects that distract from the initial discussion of the Cuban Literacy Campaign. The background offers valuable context, and could even use a little bit more information to function, but the incorporation and linkage of said context are not very useful. The page needs to relate back to the original topic and make an argument for why it is there in the first place and why it is important to note when learning about the campaign.

The article has a tendency to paint the Batista regime in a negative light and seems to praise Fidel Castro heavily. Although there are moments where it acknowledges the propaganda associated with the institution of the campaign, as well as embedded in the materials they used to teach and promote. Offers a communist perspective, and has a little too much bias to be accurately representing the Cuban Literacy Campaign. More information on the organization would be useful, speaking about the roles many played in a more extensive way, as well as explaining why such a distinction in the roles is necessary. The Organization section needs more clarity.

The entirety of the Challenges section is very accusatory and lacks context, offers an idea of the challenges that they faced, but over-represents the militant counter-revolutionary groups that targeted the organization- doesn’t explain if they had an issue with the propaganda or just the organization as a whole- needs more clarity and information to be a useful section.

There are very few links in the article, and to very obvious pages like Fidel Castro, UNESCO, and other obvious terminology that does not particularly support article claims. Most of the facts are cited, and by reputable sources, but many of them seem to be very focused on the revolution as a whole and not specifically on the Literacy Campaign, and those that seem to be less biased as it looks at perspectives, and critical analysis of the campaign. The most recent sources are from 2010, however since the campaign is no longer active, there is likely not a large influx of new information on the topic

The page is apart of the WikiProject Cuba which is considered inactive, and this article is rated of low importance for the project. It has a C-Class rating. The Talk section has very few conversations, a comment or two on the bias, and small edits and link changes are all that are mentioned. As far as the discussions we have had in class this page is far more biased, and lacks critical analysis of the campaign or of the context.

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