Propaganda in Cuba Wikipedia Article

Everything in the article was relevant, there was some background about the Cuban revolution. After that it expanded on the element of propaganda that Castro used in and after the Cuban Revolution. There could have been more examples of propaganda across different mediums. As well as Propaganda in Cuba that was not directly from Castro even though he might have been the biggest supplier.

The article only referred to propaganda produced by Castro, this could have been the case but there is no mention of any produced by Batista or even outside counties about the revolution at this time. The article itself was fairly neutral in explaining only one small piece of propaganda around the cuban revolution.

There are 18 references listed most of them from the same sources. All of the sources are from Castros propaganda, there is no references to propaganda from different people or parties to provide a more dimensional view of propaganda in Cuba. There is only one link listed in references and it dose not work.

The talk page of this article was about the change in title of this page. It was originally Cuban Revolutionary Propaganda and now it is Propaganda in Cuba. This article was also not rated and did not appear to be part of any WikiProject.


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