Mariela Castro

My chosen Wikipedia Entry is Mariela Castro, the daughter of revolutionary leaders Vilma Espín and Raúl Castro, and the niece of Fidel Castro. She is the director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education and is an activist for LGBT rights in Cuba.

This aspect of Latin American history is not represented in the best way just because of the lack of information in the article. Although the article does list notable parts of her career, especially with her work with the Cuban National Center for Sex Education, but it does not list the origins of her career or give names of any of the works she has written. There are no apparent biases, especially because the article is extremely short.

There are only five sources in my article, and most of them are cited irregularly. One of the sources does not provide a link to the material and is very vague in terms of phrasing (“Official programme of the International Conference on LGBT Human Rights”), and one of the sources is a LinkedIn profile, which is arguably not the best type of source for a Wikipedia article that should be dependent on scholarly sources.

I would begin to improve this article to meet Wikipedia’s standards by updating the Reference list with more scholarly sources, and would likely eliminate the LinkedIn Source as it does not meet the above portion of Wikipedia’s standards. If I did not eliminate any of the present sources, I would likely still add more sources in general as the list of sources is currently way too short and limited in both quantity and quality. 


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