How is this aspect of Latin American history represented? 

The article represents arpilleras as a form of art used by women during the Chilean Revolution to earn income and promote political messages against the Chilean government. The article details some historical background on the revolution and how its impact on women led to the creation of arpillera workshops. The article also discusses how arpilleras are made and briefly mentions the government’s response to the creation of arpilleras and arpillera workshops. Additionally, the article briefly mentions the legacy arpilleras have created.

Do you see any biases? 

There are no biases in the article and all the information is presented neutrally and given equal importance. When opinions and analyses from historians are mentioned, the article maintains a neutral tone by addressing what statements are simply beliefs held by historians.

What kinds of sources are used? 

The article uses a BBC news article, an article from Slate, a book on arpilleras, and some academic articles on arpilleras as sources. However, some of the articles are inaccessible and there are only 12 sources used.

How might you improve the article to meet Wikipedia’s standards and show your skills of historical research and analysis? 

I would improve the article by adding citations to statements where citations are missing. Also, I would provide more information on notable arpilleristas and on the complex system of arpillera workshops. Additionally, I would like to provide more information on the government’s response to the creation of arpillera workshops. In addition, I would like to provide further information on the legacy of arpilleras as well.

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