Comisión Femenil Mexican Nacional

How is this aspect of Latin American history represented?

The article, Comisión Femenil Mexican Nacional, explains what the organization’s main goal is to empower Chicanas (mainly) politically and economically. The article then explains the history of how the organization began, mentioned what came out of their first conference, and what legal cases they were involved in. The article then talks about the organization’s current status, in which conferences are now geared more towards empowering women through education. 

Do you see any biases? 

The only bias I noted was in the section History. In discussing how the organization came to be, it talked about how Mexican-American women felt like the National Chicano Issues Conference focused on issues pertaining to men more than the issues of women. However, without proper citations, I wonder where that information came from. Aside from that, the article did well being unbiased about the  Comisión Femenil Mexican Nacional. 

What kinds of sources are used? 

Barely any sources are used. I clicked on two sources provided under the external links header, and one of the sources sends me to a blank page with no information present. The other link sends me to another Wikipedia page. The sources are not up to standards for this article. 

How might you improve the article to meet Wikipedia’s standards and show your skills in historical research and analysis? 

The main problem I will tackle that this article has is the sources provided. Because of the lack of sources, I have to do more intensive research on the Comisión Femenil Mexican Nacional to confirm what is presented in the Wikipedia article.


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