Class Notes-10/4

Alex presented today’s Latin America in the News about the state of emergency declared in Ecuador. The state of emergency was declared by the Ecuadorian president after strikes arose in response to the president ending the 40 year fuel subsidy. The main groups partaking in these protests are bus and taxi drivers, unions, students, and indiginous peoples. After Alex’s presentation, Professor Holt discussed the goal of the wikipedia project, which is to improve the quality of the articles while still remaining accessible. She then went over the work that we will be doing when we come back from fall break about the Chilean Revolution. She showed us the list of people who have not signed up for an article yet, and reminded us to sign up if we have not. We then started our Wikipedia work day, and she reminded us that after break we will contribute to the talk page of our article.

This is the editing policy on Wikipedia, which details what the proper methods of editing the articles is. It includes information such as adding information, fixing information, and using the talk page to collaborate with others who may want to edit that page as well. There are also links towards the end of this article that discuss how not to edit Wikipedia articles.

This article summarizes how to write biographies for women. It discusses how you should find information, use your own words, and use citations. 

This link is a tutorial for those wanting to translate articles. 

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