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For the most part, the article only dealt with information that was about Vilma Espin and her involvement in the revolution. There were some parts of the article, particularly during the “Role in the Cuban Revolution” section that discussed her relationship with the Castro brothers. 

The article remains neutral for almost the entire time. There are some issues regarding her relation with the CIA, General Kirkpatrick, and how she convinced him that there were no communistic beliefs amongst the revolutionaries. 

Due to the fact that this is an article about one person, there did not appear to be any specific viewpoints that were either under-represented or not represented at all. 

The linked citations did work, and they all were from reputable sources. Some of them were only around a year old, and some were closer to ten years old, however upon closer inspection they all seemed reputable despite the age of the sources.

There are only three references for the entire article, and they are all books. One of the references was in Spanish, and so I could not check the reliability of that specific one. The other two books that were referenced were written by reputable authors, and appeared to be relatively unbiased sources.

Some of the sources were close to ten years old, however none of the information in the article appeared to be out of date. The last edit made on this page was in July of 2019. 

The talk page of this article discussed the use of Vilma Espin’s full name, and discussed other pages that also use the full name of the people that they are talking about. They also talked about the “nasty things” that she did. Most of the discussion of the negative things that she did was speculation, based on rumors and gossip. 

This did not appear to be a part of any WikiProject. 

In class, we did not discuss Vilma Espin, so it is unclear as to how this article would differ from any class discussion that we had or would have.

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