Brasil Sem Homophobia

This represents Latin American History because there is a definite history of LGBT people being discriminated against in Brazil. There is a slight bias against Conservative Brazil.There is nothing on the talk page, except for the statement of this page as a part of the WikiProject Brazil, and that it has been looked at by members of WikiProject Articles for creation.There is one reference, and it is the actual initiative that was launched, and is in Portuguese. There are many external links, however many of these are also in Portuguese and cannot be read by non-speakers. The first thing that can be done to improve this article is pulling from more sources.  Currently, there is only one source. Another thing that can be done to edit and improve this article is to take out the direct quotes that are used, and replace them with original, paraphrased information. There is also room for much more information, and I can add relevant pictures. 

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